Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cutie patootie, I want to squeeze him!

Today I came across quite possibly the cutest av ever... and my first thought really was "I want to squeeze him!"  Because I didn't know him at all and we speak different languages (I can only imagine how "squeeze" would be translated!), I refrained from making such a request.  I did, however, get out my English to Japanese translation tool and ask if I could take his picture for this blog.  Luckily, he agreed.

Taro Bosatsu does not look like the typical male av (if there is such a thing).  I love his quirky sense of style (how cute are the flowers on his hat!?!?!) and the fact that he doesn't look like he's pumped full of steroids.  I later learned that he is the owner of lalalalab SIM, has a small shop in Creators Pavillion, lalala lab shop, and a blog (in Japanese).

Skin:  Little Bird - Libra Skin beard w/hair
Eyes:  Little Bird - Reflect Eyes 01 in charcoal
Jersey:  141 - Imojya in pink
Pants:  Bazaar - Dangerous & Confused Plaids
Hat:  Tesla - Bowler Hat (unisex)
Glasses:  About - Misairumegane
Head Flower:  KOWLOON - Pontata (flower 1)
Shoes:  Gecko Designs - Steelcap Safety Shoes in black
Poses:  Cova - AO4~141~package 

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