Sunday, April 26, 2009

Smelling like the sun

Today's outfit is cute for a casual spring Sunday.

Hair:  Aya V - Miu in cocoa
Skin:  Redgrave - Hana pale nacre
Eyes:  Fresh Fx - Realism Eyes in mossy green
Eyelashes:  Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Tee:  Marble - 7T (free)
Jumpsuit:  Thimbles - Master of Cats in bluish
Socks:  Starshine - Tube Socks in white with blue stripes
Shoes:  HOC - Sneaker Wedges
Necklace:  Aimable Fluer - BlueRose Pearl Necklace (free)
Bag:  Barerose Haute Couture - Bellissima 09 in wine
Poses:  IZUMIYA - Pose 023, Free Pose F09, Pose 016 (all free)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Politics and girl talk

I was in the mood to wear a long summery skirt and remembered the Aby dress from DP Serendipity.  I decided to pair the skirt with a tee and vest while the weather is still a little chilly.  I love it either way it's worn.

Hair: Truth - Tahlia in driftwood
Skin:  Redgrave - Hana pale blue
Eyes:  Fresh Fx - Realism Eyes in mossy green
Eyelashes:  Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Tee:  Maitreya - Banksy Flowers in beige (RFL)
Vest:  En Svale - Suede Fringe Vest in pink
Skirt:  DP Serendipity - Aby in brown (part of dress)
Sandals:  LOTTA - Tongs (free)
Earrings:  SyDS - Four Leaves Earrings type A (1L)
Bracelet:  Artilleri - Wooden Bracelet
Ring:  SyDS - Gold Cobweb Ring
Pose 1:  C'est la vie - Cool #15
Pose 2:  Kiitos - FPH Free Pose
Pose 3:  Tuli - Attitude 2

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Mediterranean at dusk

Pink Outfitters came out with several new items while I was away, including this Grecian Blouse.  I love its silky texture and floaty feel.  It makes me think of a summertime evening somewhere sophisticated and exotic (or maybe that's just because it's called "Grecian").

Hair:  Maitreya - Piper II in caramel
Skin:  YS & YS - Madeleine emerald
Eyes:  Fresh Fx - Realism Eyes in mossy green
Eyelashes:  Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Shirt:  Pink Outfitters - Grecian Blouse in white floral
Shorts:  Pink Outfitters - Roxy Bermuda Shorts in powder blue
Shoes:  YS & YS - Playa Llevante
Earrings:  Kraftika Jewelry - No 130 Earrings in silver
Ring:  SyDS - Blue Bird Ring
Pose 1:  Twosome - Yo!
Pose 2:  PDA - Orwell Liberty Dance
Pose 3:  Torrid Animations - Vain 06

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mony Moni

After being away from SL for almost two weeks due to a friend's visit, I feel completely out of the loop.  Lucky for me there were some great things waiting for me when I got back.  The first item is the Madeleine Skin, the latest release from YourSkin & YourShape.  While I'm hardly a skin expert, I find this skin absolutely beautiful in every makeup option.  It amazes me how quickly Monicuzza Babenco can put out new skins and continue to get better and better.  Her business partner and friend, Monyka Benelli, came out with two pairs of lovely sculpted feet shoes at the affordable price of 300L each.  Not only are these two talented, but they are also two of the nicest people I've met.  In other newness (for me anyway) is this tee from Drowsy.  It's so adorable... it reminds me of little boys' pajamas.    

Hair:  Mirai Style - Lize in brown
Skin:  YS & YS - Madeleine Cat
Eyes:  Fresh Fx - Realism Eyes in mossy green
Eyelashes:  Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Tee:  Drowsy - Traffic Jam T
Skirt:  Artilleri - Carla Circle Skirt in green
Shoes:  YS & YS - Playa Levante
Necklace:  Artilleri - Chunky Bead Necklace
Earrings:  VG Republic - Resin Candy Ring Earrings
Ring:  SyDS - Ruby Chocolate Flower Ring 
Headband:  Chicoco - Flower Katsusha Check
Pose 1:  LOTTA - Model102
Pose 2:  Pididdle - Okay, I Believe You
Pose 3:  LAP - Fierce Carrie