Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I vowed I wouldn't buy anything new until I seriously cleaned out my inventory.  Amid the deletion of some 700+ items, I came across some free dresses I got from Cupcakes (now M&R Cupcakes) a while ago, but never wore.  The bottom of the Lori dress works perfectly as a skirt and looks cute with these fantastic shoes from Nonko, also which I've never worn.  The cape and gloves are part of a free dress set from Bijou (I'm not sure if they're still there, but it's worth taking a look).  Yes, the shirt is new, but I didn't go shopping (I swear!!); it was sent out to the CKS Designs subscribomatic group yesterday. Although unintentional, I noticed that many components of this outfit were free.  I wonder what else I'll find when I tackle that inventory again...

Hair:  f.wi - Up Hair (free)
Skin:  The Obscene - Siren Quartz Naida
Eyes:  Pink Outfitters - Realism Eyes in mossy green
Eyelashes:  Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Rosy Cheeks:  BP - Hoppe Cheeks in red (free)
Cape:  Bijou - Diva Black Cape (part of outfit) (free)
Shirt:  CKS Designs - Old School Turtleneck in black (group gift)
Skirt:  M&R Cupcakes - Dotty Poofy Skirt (part of Lori dress) (free)
Scarf:  Aoharu - Bubble Scarf in black
Gloves:  Bijou - Diva Gloves (part of outfit) (free)
Tights:  VG Republic - Tintable Metallic Lycra Tights (free) 
Shoes:  Nonko - Happy Halloween group gift
Earrings:  UnTone Accessories - Tsubaki Earrings
Headband:  Chicoco - Mix Katyusha Leo
Pose 1:  Maitreya - FModel 02
Pose 2:  LAP - Heartbreaker

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mud pie

There's something about the autumn and winter months that brings out the kid in me.  The cool, crisp air makes me want to do things like jump in a big pile of leaves or go on an outdoor adventure.  This outfit was inspired by such feelings.  This hair, a gift from BP as part of the MnM hunt, is adorable.  I especially love the loose strands - they add a sense of playfulness.  The sweater from Skin Flicks looks so cozy and warm, perfect for a day of frolicking outdoors! 

Hair:  BP - Autumn Loose Braid
Skin:  The Obscene - Siren Quartz Raisa
Eyes:  Pink Outfitters - Realism Eyes in mossy green
Eyelashes:  Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Sweater:  Skin Flicks - Christy Sweater in cream
Shirt:  Boom - Thanksgiveaway Turtleneck in hot cocoa
Pants:  BareRose Tokyo - Loud Minority Middle Pants (part of outfit)
Wrap:  Savvy Avvy - Mohair Shoulder Wrap
Socks:  Aoharu - Argyle Socks 005 (pack A)
Earrings:  Kraftika Jewelry - No. 121 Earrings in salmon
Boots:  Maitreya - Bloom in olive
Pose 1:  AnnaH - Cutie
Pose 2:  Vain Inc - TaDa 

Friday, November 21, 2008

Haughty looks and library books

New (relatively) autumn/winter cuteness from Hilarious and UncleWeb Studio.

Hair:  UncleWeb Studio - Knit Hat Hair (beret) (F)
Skin: The Obscene - Siren Quartz Raisa
Eyes:  Pink Outfitters - Realism Eyes in mossy green
Eyelashes:  Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Nails:  Candy Nail - #024 Jelly Beans in chocolate (free)
Sweater:  CKS Designs - Essential Wrap Sweater in teal
Tank:  It's All Good - Long Tank Tops in white
Pants:  Hilarious - Ocean Plaid Trousers
Scarf:  BareRose Tokyo - Blue Scarf (part of Donna outfit)
Sneakers:  Urban Bomb Unit - Porn Star Hi-Tops
Pose 1:  No longer available
Pose 2:  Pididdle - She'll yuk you up

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

She slurps soup with a straw

Today's outfit is made up of some of my favorite new things (or new to me, at least) and old things.  I love this new hair from DP yumyum and the color change scarf from Candy Nail.  The jewelry is beautiful and fantastically detailed and worth much more than the bargain prices (earrings are a group gift from NoLabel and the ring is only 30L at SyDS!!).  These boots, originally from Last Call (but now at Jaywalk), are still a wardrobe staple.  The Surf Co. tank dates back to my newbie days, but is actually still wearable!  

Hair: DP yumyum - Barber yumyum11 in chocolate 
Skin: The Obscene - Siren Quartz Raisa 
Eyes: Pink Outfitters - Realism Eyes in mossy green 
Eyelashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes 
Shirt: Surf Co - Lace Tube in brown (I think this is free at the Gnubie Store)
Jacket: Aoharu - Chocolate Jacket 
Skirt: Bran Co. - Skirt 3 Colors in green 
Scarf: Candy Nail - Stole Thick in yellow 
Earrings: NoLabel - Steer Head Earrings (group gift)
Ring: SyDS - Chocolate Flower Ring
Boots: Jaywalk - LC Covet Liah in chocolate 
Pose 1:  Mela's - Model 07
Pose 2:  LOTTA - Model S082

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cutie patootie, I want to squeeze him!

Today I came across quite possibly the cutest av ever... and my first thought really was "I want to squeeze him!"  Because I didn't know him at all and we speak different languages (I can only imagine how "squeeze" would be translated!), I refrained from making such a request.  I did, however, get out my English to Japanese translation tool and ask if I could take his picture for this blog.  Luckily, he agreed.

Taro Bosatsu does not look like the typical male av (if there is such a thing).  I love his quirky sense of style (how cute are the flowers on his hat!?!?!) and the fact that he doesn't look like he's pumped full of steroids.  I later learned that he is the owner of lalalalab SIM, has a small shop in Creators Pavillion, lalala lab shop, and a blog (in Japanese).

Skin:  Little Bird - Libra Skin beard w/hair
Eyes:  Little Bird - Reflect Eyes 01 in charcoal
Jersey:  141 - Imojya in pink
Pants:  Bazaar - Dangerous & Confused Plaids
Hat:  Tesla - Bowler Hat (unisex)
Glasses:  About - Misairumegane
Head Flower:  KOWLOON - Pontata (flower 1)
Shoes:  Gecko Designs - Steelcap Safety Shoes in black
Poses:  Cova - AO4~141~package 

Friday, November 14, 2008

Coughing up flies

Oh how I love Dolly Gwynneville.  She told Naith Smit of Naith Smit Designs to get in touch with me about blogging some of his clothes, and I was happy to oblige (ok, so I totally stole that from her post).  He sent me a pack of his Women's Open Office Shirts and I really like them. They are very good quality and well detailed.  The collar and arms parts are nicely done too, but if they look wacky here that's only because I'm a big dork and didn't properly modify them. The other great thing about this shirt is its versatility.  While Naith's shop has more of an urban and gritty feel to it, this shirt translates well to a variety of styles, including the one below.

Hair: Curio - Gertrude in white blonde
Skin: The Obscene - Siren Quartz Raisa
Eyes: Pink Outfitters: Realism Eyes in mossy green
Eyelashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Shirt: Naith Smit Designs - Women's Open Office Shirt in black
Skirt: Thimbles - Svetlana Takes the Bus in black
Shoes: 69 - Marguerite in red
Stockings: Celestial Studios - Black Fishnet Tights
Necklace: Artilleri - Chunky Bead Necklace
Bracelet: Bonita's Jewelry - Black Double Wrap Bead Bracelet
Poses: LAP - Fresh New, Heartbreaker, Only the Brave

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh, Mr. Grant

I've liked this shirt since it was first released not too long ago, with one exception: its length. In general, I prefer shirts that reach the waist of my pants (yes, even with a perfectly flat SL stomach). London (Dailey of Pink Outfitters) tells me I'm weird and wouldn't make a longer version despite my pathetic begging. I know the covered belly and sweater coat don't make for the sexiest outfit, but at least it's.... warm(?).

Hair: ETD - Vasha in Elika's Brown
Skin: The Obscene - Siren Quartz Raisa
Eyes: Pink Outfitters - Realism Eyes in mossy green
Eyelashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Shirt: Pink Outfitters - Bella Camicetta in commodore blue
Sweater: Cubic Effect - Knit Coat in cream
Jeans: Decoy - Inferno 88 Jeans in midnight
Shoes: ETD - Kristin Booties in navy
Bag: ETD - City Handbag in brown croc
Sunglasses: Angel ITC - Classic Big in brown
Earrings: VG Republic - Resin Candy Ring Earrings
Ring: SyDS - Chocolate Flower Ring 

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Perfection is boring

I'm usually not that adept at mixing patterns without looking clownish, but I think this works.

Hair:  ETD - Camille
Skin:  The Obscene - Siren Quartz Raisa
Eyes:  Pink Outfitters - Realism Eyes in mossy green
Eyelashes:  Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Vest:  Thimbles - in-VEST-ment in black-silver
Tee:  It's All Good - Long Tee in white
Jacket:  Aoharu - Sailor Collar Jacket in black
Pants:  Naive - Rebel Condition in red
Scarf:  Ume Mode - Muffler in wildcat
Boots:  ETD - Heather Boots in sand
Pose 1:  Twosome - Yo!
Pose 2:  Twosome - Guck ma!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

She has a pet armadillo

A lot of the outfits I put together here are goofy and not necessarily ones I'd wear in my real life.  This is one I would, though.  I particularly like the satin camisole by Envy.  The texture is realistic and there are no gaps in the ruffles when they move.  The necklace and earrings are from Kraftika, where I wanted to buy everything in the store.   

Hair:  Truth - Polly in brownie
Skin:  The Obscene - Siren Quartz Raisa
Eyes:  Pink Outfitters - Realism Eyes in mossy green
Eyelashes:  Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Cami:  Envy - Satin Camisole, Pink Cheetah
Pants:  Gisaci - Journey Tweed Slacks in black
Socks:  Celestial Studios - Black Fishnet Tights
Shoes:  ZHAO Shoes - Sadie in black
Necklace:  Kraftika - Necklace No 123 in black
Earrings:  Kraftika - Earrings No 121 in black
Bracelet:  Armidi Gisaci - Glitz Bangle Combo, Assorted 17
Bag:  House of Heart - Leather Clutch in Black
Pose 1:  LAP - Fierce Carrie
Pose 2:  LAP - Fetchin' Model

Monday, November 3, 2008

Pink flamingos on the front lawn

I never thought the day would come when I'd get sick of shopping.  Of course, I gorged myself on all those Halloween hunts like too much turkey on Thanksgiving, so I shouldn't be all that surprised.  The feeling was short-lived, however, as I got notice of ETD's wonderfully fantastic sale.  Amazingly it wasn't too difficult to get in, my shopping zeal intact.  The great thing about ETD, unlike turkey, is that you can never get too much.

Hair:  ETD - Vasha in Elika's Brown
Skin:  The Obscene - Siren Quartz Raisa
Eyes:  Pink Outfitters - Realism Eyes in mossy green
Eyelashes:  Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Dress:  DP Serendipity - B-doll Dress (puffed sleeve) in grape
Sweater:  DP Serendipity - Uniiiqlo Turtle Knits in grape
Shoes:  ETD - Kristin Booties in plum
Socks:  Kurotsubaki - Color Socks Animal, Flamingo B
Hair Flower:  Swallowtail - Pear Hairclip
Pose 1:  LAP - Fierce Carrie
Pose 2:  LAP - Other Shoulder