Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tripping on acorns

Creators Pavilion is one of my favorite shopping districts.  While I was perusing the winter sale there, I came across several items I had to have.  These pants from B&G came with both a black and gray pair and prim leg parts for only 50L.  The tights were 30L for a 10 pack at G^G. Although this sweater from Unknown Boutique wasn't on sale, I really liked it, and think it's still a bargain at 90L for a variety of layer options and choice to wear with or without the shirt underneath.

Hair:  ETD - Natasha in Elika's brown
Skin:  Redgrave - Hana Pale 
Eyes:  Fresh Fx - Realism Eyes in mossy green 
Eyelashes:  Cake - Bedroom Lashes 
Sweater:  Unknown Boutique - Diamond Cardigan in green 
Shirt:  Unknown Boutique - Inner Shirt green tie 
Pants:  B&G - Tweed Half Pants in gray 
Socks:  !*G^G*! - Tartan Tights in bordeaux 
Shoes:  ETD - Starley Pumps in black 
Bag:  ETD - Everyday Tote in Cranberry Weave

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas !!!

Since Fio probably got swamped in Christmas activities and there was noone else available to make a Christmas post, the Christmas elf herself decided to do a quick post.
I know, I probably should write more, but after all the hunts during the last few weeks, the sales and of course eating and drinking too much, I rather feel like resting on my elf tree.

Anyway, a happy Christmas time to everyone!

Hair: ETD - JellyBean II - Cinnamon
Skin: Gala Phoenix - Medium-Earth
Eyes: Sin Skins - Intense Sage/Gold Eyes
Dress: Freak Boutique - Gothic Lolita Christmas in Green
Freak Boutique - Gothic Lolita Christmas in Green - Choker
Hat & Ears: Freak Boutique - Gothic Lolita Christmas in Green - Santa Hat w/ Ears
Stockings: Freak Boutique - Striped Stockings - Clause
Bangles: Woo's! - Mega Bangle (RedSilver)
Boots: NoLabel - Toasty Christmas Boots
Sprig: BP* - sprig2/iwaki/v2
Mittens: KanaStyle - Basic Red Mittens (currently not available)
Pendant: KanaTech - Clock Pendant
(currently not available)
Leg Straps: KanaTech - Snakeskin Leg Straps (currently not available)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last minute plans

The inspiration for this outfit came from the lovely snowflake jewelry from Sway's Creations and the stole from SD Boutique. Combined with silvery metallic, they help create an overall wintery look.

Hair:  69 - Happy in brown
Skin:  Cupcakes - Celebrity sugar (group Christmas gift)
Eyes:  Fresh Fx - Realism Eyes in mossy green
Eyelashes:  Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Cami:  Pink Outfitters - Di Tube Top in silver
Pants:  Coco - Cropped Pants in black
Wrap:  SD Boutique - F Knit Stole in white
Shoes:  Maitreya - Mishima Dawn in Shiny Mix black
Stockings:  Insolence - Classic Black Nylon Seamed Stockings
Earrings & Ring:  Sway's Creations - Snowflake (part of set)
Bracelet:  Armidi Gisaci - Glitz Bangle Combo, Assorted 17
Pose 1:  Kiitos - Free Pose
Pose 2:  Sn@tch - Model Pose 26 

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I stole a candy cane

I saw this dress at Anuenue while doing the footprint hunt.  Just as I was about to buy it, I noticed it was in the lucky chair and two letters later, it was mine!  It comes with 2 prim skirts - one flexi and one sculpty as well as a pair of gloves.

Hair:  Fascino - Agri in light brown (Christmas gift)
Skin: Redgrave - Hana pale
Eyes:  Fresh Fx - Realism Eyes in mossy green
Eyelashes:  Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Dress:  Anuenue - Lantana Dress in red
Shoes:  ETD - Starley Pumps in red
Hair Accessory:  Eat Rice - Holly's Hair Clip (gift)
Bracelet:  VG Republic - Resin Bangles 
Pose 1:  C'est la vie - Free Cutie Pose
Pose 2:  LAP - Pssh

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stuck in a sand trap

It's not often I leave a good hunt to go shopping, but when I came across this sweater from Yome Shoujo at the Albato hunt, I teleported directly to the main store.  I immediately fell in love with the quirky clothing and colorful store, making it difficult not to buy everything in it. I purchased several items, including this sweater and dress, and plan to go back soon.

Skin: Redgrave - Pale Skin Hana
Eyes: Fresh Fx - Realism Eyes in mossy green
Eyelashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Dress: Yome Shoujo - Leo
Sweater: Yome Shoujo - Muu
Socks: Sn@tch - Colorchange Socks in dark 
Shoes: ETD - Starley Pumps in gold
Bracelet: Bonita's Jewelry - Brown Big Bead Bracelet 

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Avoiding the know-it-all

More and more cute and wintery items keep coming out, including this turtleneck sweater from BP* and this free hat from Gibberish.  I also love this new hair from BP*, a longer version of a previously released hair.  The skirt from MNK Shop is beautiful and comes with a longer or shorter option, all for 60L.

Hair:  BP* - Autumn Loose Braid 2 in brown
Skin:  Redgrave - Hana Pale skin
Eyes:  Fresh Fx - Realism Eyes in mossy green
Sweater:  BP* - Turtleneck Sweater in pink
Skirt:  MNK Shop - Tiered Skirt in brown
Socks:  Kurotsubaki - Socks Pink
Boots:  Kookie - Muggys in brown
Hat:  Gibberish - Storm Hat (free)
Gloves:  Aya V - Fur Gloves in brown (free)
Earrings:  Twinkleberry - Albero2 opening gift
Ring:  SyDS - White Chocolate Flower Ring 
Pose 1:  Sn@tch - Model Pose 28
Pose 2:  Oberon's Trick - Stand FR010 (free)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pocketful of lima beans

With all the hunts and holiday gift giving going on, I really shouldn't have the need to shop. When I came across this sweater and these shorts, I couldn't help myself, though.  The sweater, from MNK Shop, comes in two versions - the one I'm wearing below and a longer one with a belt.  It also comes with a black shirt to wear underneath (not worn).  The shorts I found in Sen 2 while wandering around a shopping plaza and I immediately tp'd to the main store, where there are a lot of cute items.  I particularly like the back pockets and the waistband (not visible here) on these shorts.

Hair: Docomo - Glamour long (no longer available) 
Skin: Fresh Fx - FFX3 Bronze Smoke 
Eyes: Fresh Fx - Realism Eyes in mossy green 
Eyelashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes 
Sweater: MNK Shop - Knit Sweater in white 
Shirt: Artilleri - Oslo Sweater in black 
Shorts: Sen*2 - Short Pants in red 
Socks: Shiny Things - Knit Knee Socks in charcoal 
Boots: J's - Engineer Long Boots 
Bear: Sway's Creations - Sway's Cookie Bear Christmas (advent gift 6) 
Cookie: KaWaii Jelly - Crumpet! 
Pose 1: LOTTA - Model 049 
Pose 2: Sn@tch - Model Pose 26

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My friend the porcupine

I've been in a sort of girly mood lately, where I'm drawn to wearing dresses/skirts.  I immediately fell in love with the colors in the Fall Foliage (dead leaves) dress from Pididdle and decided to pair the skirt with Artilleri's turtleneck sweater.  I'm a huge fan of Sway's Creations and was thrilled to learn about the daily Advent gift hunt. These cute antlers were today's gift and I like how they add to the overall Christmasy look of my outfit.

Hair: Kin - Mira in black
Skin:  Fresh Fx - FFX3 Bronze Ruby
Eyes:  Fresh Fx - Realism Eyes in mossy green
Sweater:  Artilleri - Oslo Sweater in black
Skirt:  Pididdle - Foliage Skirt Dead Leaves (from Fall Foliage dress)
Tights:  Pididdle - Burgandy Tights from Fall Foliage dress
Gloves:  MJ+Dada - Black Gloves in Hound's-Tooth Check
Shoes:  R2 - Kahakai in gold
Antlers:  Sway's Creations - Sway's Reindeer Antler (advent gift 3)
Earrings:  Kraftika Jewelry - No 130 Earrings in gold
Necklace:  VG Republic - Resin & Chain Link Necklace
Pose 1:  Oberon's Trick - Stand MD 041
Pose 2:  Twosome - Swoosh 

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Frostbitten tongues

I just realized that my av has been walking around looking like Michael Jackson!!  Why didn't anyone tell me!?!?!  I've always struggled with getting the face to look like I'd like it to, but familiarity must have made me immune to the recognition of plastic surgery gone horribly awry!  It wasn't until I was given this soon to be released skin by Pink Outfitters that I decided to change my shape.  After getting accustomed to my new appearance, I looked back with horror at my old one.  It's like looking at old photos and wondering what on earth you were thinking when you proudly sported that mullet.  Sigh. Anyway, onto the post...  This dress from Twee is one of my all time favorites.  I always thought of it as a summery dress and usually paired it with red sailor-ish accessories. For today, I chose cooler tones, including silver metallic tights and shoes, to create a more wintery look.  It sort of reminds me of an icicle.

Hair: f.wi - Up Hair in brown (free)
Skin: Pink Outfitters - FFX3 Bronze Smoke (to be released soon)
Eyes: Pink Outfitters - Realism Eyes in mossy green
Dress: Twee - Scalleeewag in blue
Sweater: Finc - Granny Cardigan in magic magenta
Scarf: Pink Outfitters - Soho Scarf in white
Ear Muffs: Sway's Creations - Sway's Ear Muffs (advent gift)
Gloves: Emery - Gloves Grey
Tights: VG Republic - Tintable Metallic Lycra Tights (free)
Shoes: ETD - Starley Pumps in silver 
Pose 1: Pididdle - O Little Heart
Pose 2: LAP - Reluctant Star