Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bean stew

I got this sweater today from NWYD as a store opening gift.  I'm not really sure how the rest of the outfit happened... I just sort of ended up in it.

Hair:  ETD - Peyton in Elika's Brown
Skin:  Redgrave - Hana pale
Eyes:  Fresh Fx - Realism Eyes in mossy green
Eyelashes:  Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Sweater:  NWYD - Flower Knit & Shirt (opening gift)
Tee:  Marble - 7T in orange
Pants:  Pink Outfitters - Director High Waist Pants in cream
Belt:  Cherry - Open Heart Belt in black
Shoes:  Periquita - Tie Me Up Dollys in orange
Earrings:  YourSkin & YourShape - Wooden Earrings
Plant:  Mismatch - Daisy Pot
Pose 1:  LAP - Gotchur Number
Pose 2:  LAP - Official LAP Pose
Pose 3:  LAP - Bashful


Emo Biedermann said...

*LOL* very cool outfit and funny pics - love this :-)

Fionna Bracken said...

LOL, thanks Emo! I love it when someone shares my sense of humor ^^