Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The gift of the magi

As I continue to work on organizing (and decreasing) my inventory from all the holiday gifts and hunt prizes, I am struck by the generosity of so many creators here in Second Life.  Although I didn't even come close to finishing the POE hunt, I made sure not to miss the daily gifts at stores like Sway's Creations and Artilleri.  While I could go on and on about the wonderful gifts these stores gave for the holidays, I'm sure tons of people have already beat me to it.   Instead, I'd like to focus on a different type of generosity: low prices.  

I first went to Magi Take a long time ago, but then forgot about it until it was a participant in several recent hunts.  Although the prices have remained the same, both the quality and selection have improved.  Almost every piece of clothing is 10L (with discounted fatpacks about 40L), with some older items or accessories at 5L. Group members receive a copy of each new release in a special group-only color.  All the past group gifts are available to get at the main store with the group tag activated.  The furniture is also inexpensive and cute (55L for a piano).  Thanks to Take Lowey (whom I have never met) for a great store and generous spirit.

Hair:  Docomo - Knitcap with Hair
Skin:  Fresh Fx - FFX3 Bronze Smoke 
Eyes:  Fresh Fx - Realism Eyes in mossy green 
Sweater:  Magi Take - Color Sweater in white 
Shirt:  Thimbles - Daddy's Car Broke Down Plaid
Pants:  Magi Take - Cord Pants in green 
Boots:  Coco - Gift Boots 
Glasses:  Role Optic - Gala 
Necklace:  Lotta - Coin Pendant (hunt gift) 
Bracelet:  U&R - Free Gift 
Ring:  SyDS - Gold Cobweb Ring

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