Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dreams of the insomniac

DP yumyum is not only my favorite store name, but one of my favorite stores too. With each new release, the quality gets better and better and the Tweed Jacket is no exception.  I love its style, texture, and details.  The prim resizer on the jacket makes for a perfect fit (I admit I did have trouble getting it to fit at first, but that is only because I am a dumdum) while the various options make it quite versatile (it comes with both a checked and non-checked version as well as with or without the tee).  The pants from Anuenue are pure cuteness and come in three versions: long, short, and one of each (shown below).

Hair:  Docomo hunt gift - British Short
Skin:  Redgrave - Hana pale
Eyes:  Fresh Fx - Realism Eyes in mossy green
Eyelashes:  Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Jacket & Shirt:  DP yumyum - Tweed Jacket in brown
Pants:  Anuenue - BC Pants in brown
Boots:  Coco - Suede Bootie in brown
Scarf:  G Field - Knit Muffler in orange (tinted) (Free)
Ring:  SyDS - Chocolate Flower Ring
Pose 1:  Kru's Boutique - Mode 35
Pose 2:  C'est la vie - Cool #09


Lauryn Arado said...

Wow I love the tweed jacket! and the pants are so cute! Yes, DPS YumYum totally rocks :)

Fionna Bracken said...

Thanks, Lauryn ^^